Plantable Children's Book - Each page contains lettuce seeds, so you can read it and then plant a page!

We’ve created the first ever plantable children’s story book. 

Our aim at Willsow is to get books back into the hands of youngsters and get children back into the garden, learning and growing and getting the chance to ‘meet’ their favourite characters. 

The principle of Willsow is for children to read the book, plant it, then watch the Vegetables grow. There are roughly 120 seeds per page and 1600 in total per book. The paper is made from recycled envelopes and old printer’s paper waste. The book is bound with 100% recycled polyester and the inks used are organic and vegetable based making each book fully recycled and 100% sustainable. 

Willsow books are the first of their kind. Never have you been able to plant a children’s book and see the character (vegetables) grow as a result. Our book is educating children on sustainability, how to grow your own food and recycling in a fun and relatable way. They can learn so much about these topics through the Willsow brand.

Willsow The Lettuce who wanted a New Look plantable book